Mission and Vision


Scientific cooperation and the exchange of professional experience among the society’s members. Raising the level of professional qualifications of anyone working in the fields of reproductive medicine or clinical embryology in a scientific or professional capacity. Determining the direction of reproductive medicine’s advancement. Supervising the quality of services provided by centres of reproductive medicine, through establishing trends and publishing scientific recommendations. Organisation and supervision of the education of professionals in the fields of diagnosis and treatment of infertility, with the goal of raising their academic and professional qualifications. Protecting the rights and interests of professionals in the fields of reproductive medicine and clinical embryology; developing their authority and raising the level of public respect they receive. The dissemination and development of the rules of medical deontology, with a focus on ensuring that they are adhered to.



An association which brings together highly qualified specialist in the fields of reproductive medicine and clinical embryology, who cooperate with each other, and whose knowledge experience, professional capabilities, as well as their highly respected position in society, ensure the highest quality of reproductive medicine in Poland and the development of medically assisted reproduction. An association which effects changes in legislation concerning the treatment of infertility and medically assisted reproduction, through an effective cooperation with governmental institutions. An association which is in regular contact with, and respected by, international organisations and institutions, and which builds the image and position of Polish scientists and professionals in the fields of reproductive medicine and clinical embryology.